Tuesday, 5 May 2015

What a fantastic Wedding we had at Ingon Manor..... Thank you everyone

Wow, what can we say... so many to thank please visit our Celebration Page we will keep open for 1 year from now to continue to help try & eradicate all cancers for everyone..  So many to thank for making our special day absolutely Joyous...... Special thanks to our Oncology Teams at Warwick & Coventry Hospitals, Bournemouth & Poole Hospitals & especially Ingon Manor Weddings for their donation of £50 & excellent food, rooms, hospitality etc., for us & all our guests....

Lets not forget why this occurred........... Cancer Go Do One.... we will fight on... Love from Clive & I

See the Donations & join us if you wish Click HERE

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

£425.00 raised so far for Cancer Research UK ~ Thank you all especially our Clients, friends & family for your donations

Thank you so much for the overwhelming donations we are receiving towards Cancer Research UK via our Celebration page for our forthcoming wedding this Sunday.   To date we've raised £425.00 plus £83.75 of Gift Aid.

& we are on schedule to complete another amazing landscaping job this week for wonderful people, photo's coming soon as we're getting those slabs down!

Click Here to Donate to Cancer Research UK via our Celebration Page

Monday, 20 April 2015

Starting Another Garden Makeover this morning Ahead of Schedule

We love it when a plan comes together & today we start another fantastic Garden Makeover including clients own choice of Eco Drainage system!

Pathways & Patios intricately laid in a random pattern such that no more than three slabs meet at any point, this is going to look beautiful complete with a new Water Feature doubled as a barbecue stand.

Our client has a clear idea of their design and already chosen their materials (makes it so much easier for our Team) and it includes a range of colours for the slabbing & pathways edged in Set Stones... going to look beautiful

We simply cannot wait to make the transformation on this lovely garden.

& Thank you to our client for enabling us to bring forth the start date so we can get #Cracking

Monday, 13 April 2015

Garden Make Overs Stratford Upon Avon front & rear Ideal Gardens

How's this for a Garden Make Over with Zero Maintenance, no need for lawnmower anymore for this family.  Transformed into a lovely three tier garden which may appear a little bland in our photo, however our customer planned to add colour using bright ceramic Pots & Plants.

Another customer asked us to transform their front driveway... once again zero maintenance with a spanish feel.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Lovely email arrived today ~ Thank you Pamela & John for these kind words

Dear Barney

I would like to thank you so very much for the work you and your team have carried out in our garden.  The pruning and cutting back of the trees and hedges are amazing together with the maintenance work done on the borders.
Donald and Ben are not only exceptionally good plantsmen and horticulturalists but true professionals - knowing so much about the horticultural business - they are a great credit to your company and a pleasure to have working in our garden.  Long may it continue!!!
With good luck to your all - and once again many thanks.
Kind regards,

Pamela and John   

Stratford Landscapers Team IG new uniforms this morning!

It's a Happy Easter here at Ideal Gardening with new uniforms all round!   Loving our new website printing on Team IG's backs !   Thank you to Slant Riggs Embroidery for our fabulous new outfits.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Garden makeover contract reveals this little cutie today

Working on a fabulous garden makeover building a Fishpond during coffee break this morning this little cutie joined us....  we love wildlife at Ideal Gardening,, brave little mouse!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Hedge Trimming & Tree Topping ~ Massive Hedge & Conifer brought under control again

Just one of the massive hedges & conifers we have to trim/top twice a year,,  this whopper of a hedge is over 20m plus wide, 1.5m deep & during last winter has grown in excess of 4m tall since the last trimming in Autumn 2014.

The Conifer had become weak about 2m from the tip after last Winters heavy winds causing concern.

A job of this size would normally require a Elevated Access Platform (Cherry Picker) however this property in Stratford upon Avon has zero access other than the pathway beside the house, we use our specialist Landscaping Ladders to access the reach & safety of TeamIG.  

Aftermath of Trim & Top saw four tipper loads of Green Waste to commercially dispose of.

(the panel fencing behind the conifer had also blown down into the neighbours garden, all renewed with new tanalised Posts & Panels..... photo's of which we will upload shortly).

Well done TeamIG.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Patio, Raised Beds, Vegetable Patch, Greenhouse or Hot Tub Base! This one can do it all!

We are finding more & more of our customers are looking to grow their own vegetables nowadays. 

Our customer here wished to Grow their Own Vegetables, so we designed this Triple Purpose area & brought it to fruition for them by laying a quality Natural Stone Patio base to initially erect their new Greenhouse & in the future if they change their mind they instantly have an attractive patio/social area to accommodate anything, be it lounge area, fire pit or maybe a Hot Tub!

With 6mm 3 core armoured cabling & mains water pipe it's all ready to go.

Add to this three good sized raised beds incorporating decorative stone walkway between they can now  Grow their Own Vegetables this year, should they change their mind these beds can become a planting area for high growing shrubs/plants to provide privacy to the patio!

Once again Thank you to these lovely customers for treating TeamIG so well.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Fencing Stratford Upon Avon completed January 2015 ~ Thank you from Team IG

A beautiful established garden where the original fence panels didn't survive the December weather battering.  We were contracted to take down the old panels & posts & erect a new fence which should last for years to come using Concrete Posts & Concrete Gravel boards, these permit the panels to be simply lifted out & replaced when they eventually deteriorate in years to come.  

Concrete post & Gravel Board Fencing is far from the cheapest option, however for those who intend on staying in their property for a long time it is by far the better option.

The slope of the garden didn't cause any issue, however we had some really tight spaces to work within due to the lovely established plant beds & the summerhouse, we're very proud of the end result & the fact Team IG didn't damage any of our customers shrubs/plants in the process.

Thank you to our customer from Team IG.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Landscaping Leamington Spa Urban Garden ~ Garden Design it's all bout Perspective

We are so proud of this Urban Garden we have just completed in Leamington Spa.   Following our initial site visit this garden appeared small & accessible to all who use the adjacent pathway and pavement.

Our client expressed their wishes to us & Don came up with this super design transforming the garden into a far larger area, low maintenance and a choice of two social areas for seating.

The handmade pergola may look bare at present however, come the spring the new climbing plants will decorate this making the lower patio secluded even though it is only a few feet from the public pavement & main road.

The trellis fencing adds a 'decorative' touch already whilst forming a boundary, we planted new climbers which will only improve & privatise the trellis.

The patio & pathway we are really delighted with as it has given the garden far more depth.  Some of the new plants cannot be seen at present, come the Spring it will bloom with colour & continue to develop as the climbers embrace the pergola.  

Lovely clients .... Thank you from the IG Team.

Stratford Landscapers Cancer Research UK & Breast Cancer Campaign...Donations most Welcome

2015 has been a busy start for us & we'd like to express our huge thanks to all our loyal & new customers who have been so understanding & supportive during the last year whilst Kay has undergone surgery for Breast Cancer, Chemo & RadioTherapy, it's been a long journey for the whole IG Team and it's time now to celebrate setting a date for our Spring Wedding!

We would like to share with you our Celebration Page as we are sure so many of us are touched by the difficulties a Cancer Diagnosis brings into our lives.  

The best news is the Team are up & running at full capacity & watch this space for our updates/photos of  Stratford Upon Avon & Leamington Spa Landscaped Gardens & Fencing Contracts completed since January 1st 2015.

Please CLICK HERE to view Clive & Kay's Give In Celebration Cancer Research UK

New Years Eve 31/12/2014 saw our Final Fec-T Chemotherapy Treatment at The Aylesford Unit, Warwickshire Hospital

Monday, 22 December 2014

Happy Stratford Landscapers this morning ~ lovely Xmas card arrives ~ Thank you Terry & Chris

Thank you to our lovely local customers Terry & Chris for this super Christmas Card & warming testimonial, we are simply happy you are happy with your #StratfordUponAvonIdealGarden
(their garden we had the privilege to landscape for them [see post below]

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Another Stratford Upon Avon Landscaping Ideal Garden Complete before Christmas

We've been busy the last two months with our regular customers needing their Winter clear-outs or their gardens prepped for the season after the autumn fall. 

Throughout this time the IG Team have been landscaping another Stratford Upon Avon Garden....

Our Customers' had a clear idea of what they wanted from their garden & it has been Barni & Don's delight to landscape the area with simple hard & soft landscaping with the Pond being the focal point now & not the trampoline!

Adjacent area to the pond a spike hole slot for our customers rotary washing line which can be removed (as in the After pic),  the trampoline is now less visible whereas before one's eye was drawn to it, now it is subtly blended & no longer over powers this beautiful practical garden.  Spring will see the planting burst into life & no lawn mower required in 2015.

This contract has been a total Joy, our customers looked after us well, (Thank you Terry & Chris for the bacon sandwiches, hot drinks & Christmas Gifts!)  We are delighted they are so happy with the end result & all done before Christmas.  Another;   Stratford Upon Avon Landscaped Ideal Garden 

Friday, 24 October 2014

Landscapers, Warwickshire The IG Team proudly Wear It Pink today at work

We support  Breast Cancer Campaignn. Cancer Research UK & the wonderful Macmillan so today we are working in our Wear It Pink work gear whilst Fencing in the rain albeit we're all smiling inside in support of these fabulous causes, to donate please click either of the links below if you wish to help funding & THANK YOU from the whole IG Team.

CLICK HERE to donate to breastcancercampaign Wear It Pink

CLICK HERE to donate to cancerresearchUK

CLICK HERE to donate to macmillan support

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Love a Landscaped Garden on limited budget? Get the most out of your Garden with a 'Makeover' instead

Hurricane Gonzalo didn't affect this Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire Garden, our client bought this property with the garden in the state on the left, closed in, dark, inundated with shrubs & trees left wild for years.......... contracting us their wish was to create a mediterranean feel with as much sunlight as possible...  Stage 1 complete herewith, Stage 2 is underway with Specimen Palms, Decorative stone adjacent to bounday left fence, with a solid area Greenhouse, Shed & Raised Vegetable beds at the bottom, underway at this present time.

The Garden Makeover has substantially increased the property value, so if you look at your garden and have any ideas you would like to see developed give Clive a call on 07894 013514 for a quote, (no obligation of course & it's free)

Saturday, 18 October 2014

How are your Fence Panels folks? Hurricane Gonzalo due to hit on Monday....

We've all heard about Hurricane Gonzalo heading our way on Monday, time to check your fence panels and give us a call asap if you want a quote for repairs/renewals, we get incredibly busy doing fence panels at this time of year, so we would recommend in advance of the Gonzalo battering;
  • Check ownership of your fence line with your neighbour
  • Any damage or weak areas discuss together abour repair/renewal
  • Book in quick for a quote before the price of panels go sky high as they did last year
Whether you have concrete posts or treated timber posts, close board or panel fencing, we have all the tools & experience to get the job done, by getting your orders in to our supplier ASAP we can keep the price down for you. 
Here's just one of our residential jobs we completed recently in preparation for this Winter.

Friday, 17 October 2014

@IdealGardening we LOVE finding these little fella's, the Gardeners Friend (they eat slugs!)

May we introduce you to Mr. HedgeHog whom we just came across this morning whilst working on another Ideal Garden, he's obviously out on 'the hunt' did you know Hedge Hogs are known as the 'Gardeners Friend' ?  

Great title for these little garden policemen as they munch up all the slugs (& there have been a few of them about this last year), so instead of killing or poisoning our slugs in our gardens, would it not be kinder  (politically I suppose we should use the term 'green' or 'eco friendly') to help these prickly policemen to set up their homes in our gardens helping us by not having to use all the pesticides which do so much damage to garden wildlife.

If you're a lover of mother nature as we are check out Don's Weekly Tips in our tab bar above for how you can help to encourage some Hedgehog Highways & Hedgehog Haven in your garden....  knowing in good faith they will fatten up on those pesky slugs !

Here he is!   Mr. HedgeHog policing his highway this grey morning in Stratford ~

& don't forget Don's Weekly Tip above if you want more #PricklyPolicemen #HedgeHogHeavenlyHomes  CLICK HERE FOR DON'S HEDGEHOG HEAVEN TIP!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Garden Design, Landscaping, Stratford Upon Avon, Call Clive 01789 551118

Stratford Garden Design to suit the entire family completed October 2014

From inception to completion, we undertook this local contract in September 2014, a beautiful family home in Emmerson Avenue with an oblong shaped garden having a tired lawn area & too much bamboo to the rear fencing.

The subtle curves took shape with the gorgeous Granite Slabs allowing for planting beds, a play area consolidated for our customers young family, they now have their trampoline sunken into the ground & surrounded with rubberised PlayBark, swing & Wendy House, adjacent to which we created three raised herb/vegetable garden beds using sleepers & natural stone chippings to contrast the colour of the dark PlayBark.

The SetStones used as a circumference to the Grade 1 new turf tie in beautifully with the rich green of the lawn & subtle grey of the Granite pathway, keeping some of the bamboo we installed a stunning Stainless Steel WaveBlade Water Feature to soften the planting flow into the powerful Bamboo.  (laying 6mm 3 core armoured cabling all connected & Certified by our Electrician, with the cabling covered of course with the standard black & yellow Warning Tape from the garage to the water feature... NB.. do make sure if you employ a contractor any form of electrical appliance in your garden has to be signed off by a Certified Electrician with all the necessary materials supplied & installed correctly).

The raised circular patio corner was a 'dead area' where a beautiful Maple tree stood over grown with old Clematis & weeds, upon clearing & pruning the Maple it opened up a gave a crisp finish to the rest of the garden.

The front of the property we enhanced with a wide Granite Slab pathway which leads around the side of the house & flows through to this beautiful House & Ideal Garden.